Consumer Tips

1. Know your dates.

Home purchasers should submit defect lists before their deadline. Late lists may not be accepted. Include all outstanding items whether or not the builder has committed to do the work. If it’s not on the list, you have no leverage to get it done.

2. Include a no substitution clause in your contract.

3. Let the company know what you expect.

4. Get your voice heard.

  • Leave lots of voice mail messages.
  • Send letters.
  • Call the company President. Call every Vice President and leave lots of messages.
  • Email your Consumers Minister.
  • Email your Housing Minister.
  • Write your Chief Building Officer and your Mayor.

5. Always be reasonable about your expectations.

6. Be factual.

7. Do not libel or slander.

8. Do not exaggerate.

9. Always act professionally.

10. Keep detailed and dated records.

11. Document all discussions.

12. Send discussion notes to builders/warranty representatives. Note the name of who you talk to.

13. Do not expect financial compensation but do expect the problem to be fixed.

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